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As a part of revamping our whole Cops and Robbers system during this summer, we want to revamp everything. We want to renew our system to make it fairer for prisoners, to turn our maps into something more than just a simple map, and to make everything 110 times better than before. And since you are the faces of our server, the ones that make us who we are, we would like you to give us suggestions. Every little suggestion will make a difference. Even as to adding a new look for our showers will make a huge difference. We are taking all suggestions. From builds to special redstone builds and to just about everything! To post a suggestion, please visit our suggestion category in the forums by simply clicking here.

Thank you very much,

- Zln1996, Proud Owner of Cops And Robbers Minecraft Server.


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OfflineServer IP: MC.CopsNRobbersMC.com
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e-mail copsnrobbersmc@gmail.com
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